What is a mortgage broker?

A broker is an intermediary between a financial institution and an individual who wishes to take out a loan to finance the acquisition of a property.

After a study of the personal situation and the financial capacity of the client, the broker prepares the application and undertakes to find the best conditions and the best rates with partner banks.

Is there a charge for the service?

The brokerage service has an associated cost (see our general conditions).

Why should you consult a broker instead of negotiating directly with the banks?

You benefit from the best conditions thanks to our privileged agreements with banks. Our experts accompany and advise you in a personalized manner throughout the procedure.

You save time by benefiting from a fast and flexible single point of contact.

What is an interest rate?

The interest rate corresponds to the remuneration of a loan of money made by one economic agent to another economic agent. The sum borrowed is called capital. The sum that must be repaid is therefore the principal and interest.

The interest rate is a rate used to calculate the interest on a loan. 

Are there different types of interest rates?

Yes, there are 2 types of rates:

Fixed rate: this is a loan which interest rate does not vary during the entire duration of the loan. The counterpart of this security usually consists of a rate slightly higher than the variable rate.

Variable rate: This is a loan interest rate can vary during the term of the loan, both upwards and downwards, according to the variations in the index used in the loan contract.

What is a reviewable rate?

It is a rate which is fixed for a certain period and which must be reviewed by the customer and the bank at the end of this period. The decision is made by the customer and the bank to continue either fixed again for a given period or variable for the same period. In general, if the customer does not come forward, there is the principle of tacit renewal of the fixed rate for the same period as at the outset.

What is a personal contribution?

This is the amount that the future owner is willing to inject on his own or that the bank may require. In which case it will be a criterion for validating the credit.

What is the borrowing capacity?

It represents the maximum amount a potential borrower can obtain from a credit institution based on his/her income.

What is an outstanding balance insurance?

It is the amount that remains to be paid after deduction of the monthly payments already paid. It is therefore the amount to be paid first to amortize or repay the capital. 

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