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This Privacy Policy concerns the services of AlbaLux Credit SA, a brand developed by Albalux SA. AlbaLux Crédit SA is a brokerage firm in mortgage loan, thus the company serves as an intermediary between you and various banking institutions.

Introduction : Collection of data

When consulting our website or using our services, we collect two types of data:
· The data that you communicate to us directly (personal information),
· Data that you communicate to us indirectly called "cookies" or similar technologies (navigation information).

1) Your personal information

The data you give us directly correspond to your identity (first and last name) and your contact details (email address and phone number). This information is necessary for the proper functioning of our website when you wish get in touch with one of our agents to study your file as part of a mortgage brokerage application.

During a specific request, you may be asked to send us your income, your family situation, etc. This information used to establish an inventory of your situation and will be transmitted to banking institutions with your consent.

A) Your consent

We may create a database containing the personal information you have provided to us, especially when creating your request via one of our contact forms on our website. You are informed of the collection and the processing of your personal information, the creation of our database and the processing of your information under the terms and conditions set forth in this Privacy Policy. This database is essential to our activity in order to study and follow up on your file.

We may also collect your personal information when using our services when you register on our site at our newsletter. However you will have to express your consent clearly by checking the corresponding box, otherwise we will not not collect your personal information.

B) Personal information collected

Personal information that we may collect when filling out a contact form or upon request of study of your project are as follows:

· Your first name, your name, your date of birth,
· Your email address, your phone number,

- Your profession, your income, your family situation, your current credits, your expenses, etc.

We undertake not to transmit to third-party services other than banking institutions personal information that you we transmit when registering or using our services. The banking institutions concerned are mentioned in prior to obtaining your consent.

C) Use of your personal information

The purpose of collecting your personal information can take several forms:

· Contact you again after a request from you,
· Build a preliminary file to assess the feasibility of your bank loan application.
- The development of surveys and evaluation of customer satisfaction private or professional and the opinion of users,

· The development of commercial and marketing statistics,

- In order to offer you content such as articles, or advertisements corresponding to the personal information that you give us will have provided,

- In order to personalize our communications to your name if you have subscribed to our newsletter for example,

- The management of your requests for right of access for rectification or opposition of your information,

- The management of possible disputes.

D) The recipients of your personal information

Your personal information will be released in some cases :

- To the banking institutions with which Albalux SA negotiates your loan application,

- To Albalux SA employees responsible for managing the customer relationship, setting up our services and monitoring them.

E) Prospecting by email

As a particular user of our services you will need to clearly indicate that you agree to receive a solicitation from us in ticking the box provided for this purpose to receive emails or newsletters from us. Following your acceptance, you have the right to stop receiving this information at any time. In that case :

- You can unsubscribe newsletters by clicking directly on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter,

- You can stop receiving emails from us at any time by sending us an email to info [at] albaluxcredit [dot] lu containing the email address to which you no longer wish to receive these emails.

F) Your rights

You have different rights regarding your personal data :

- Right of information

- Permission to access

- Right of rectification, opposition and deletion

To exercise your rights you can contact us by email at info [at] albaluxcredit [dot] lu read or by post by sending a signed letter to the next address :

Alba Lux SA

20a, route de Luxembourg

L-3253 Bettembourg


In each of these two means of communication, please send us the necessary information with a photocopy of a title and your signature at the end of your application. Do not forget to provide us with an email or postal address allowing us to to contact you again. Albalux SA has a legal period of 1 month from the date of receipt to respond to your request.

2) Your browsing information
A) What is a cookie ?

Cookies or similar technologies are data that we are likely to harvest without you communicating them to us. These data correspond to your browsing information on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) when you use our website. Cookies are deposited when you navigate in a dedicated area of your device. The information contained in this file can only be read or modified by anyone other than the issuer of cookies. Cookies allow among other things to Albalux SA to establish statistics of visits to the site

This collection of information is not imposed on you, except in the case where cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of our site as stipulated in the General Data Protection Regulation, which comes into force on May 25, 2018.

B) The cookies we issue

When using our services or when browsing our site, we may install cookies on your device according to the preferences you have expressed regarding cookies.

These cookies allow us:

- to collect Personal Data relating to your device,

- recognize your device when you next login or use our site and services.

The Personal Data concerned are detailed in Part 1) B) of this document.

C) The purpose of these cookies
i) Technical cookies

Technical cookies can help us:

• improve your user experience including:

- by adapting the presentation of our site to the display preferences of your device such as the choice of language by example,

- caching some pages to make access to these pages faster.

The removal of these cookies will not prevent you from browsing our website or using our services, however this action is may affect your user experience or interfere with the normal use of our site and services.

ii) Advertising cookies

Advertising cookies allow us to suggest targeted advertising content, corresponding to your interests whether it is on our website, our services, or on websites and services offered by third parties with whom we work.

The use of these advertising cookies allows us to limit the number of times you will be exposed to the same advertising content, but to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

The removal of these cookies will not prevent you from browsing our website or using our services, however this action does not imply a suppression of the display of advertising content, this implies the dissemination of non-targeted advertising content.

iii) Audience measurement cookies and analytics cookies

Audience measurement cookies allow us to measure and determine statistics related to the use of our site internet and our services (number of visits, number of unique visitors, connection time per session, number of page views, etc.).

Analytical cookies allow us to establish statistics relating to the use of our site and our services such as pages visited or the user journey performed. The use of these analytics cookies allows us to perfect the ergonomics of our site and our services. They also allow you to suggest targeted editorial content, corresponding to your centers of interest. These cookies also identify potential navigation problems.

The removal of these cookies will not prevent you from browsing our website or using our services, however this action involves the dissemination of inappropriate editorial content.

D) Recipients of the Harvest Information collected

The Navigation Information that we collect from the cookies issued on our site and our services are intended for the company Albalux SA and Albalux Credit SA (, which it operates.

E) Cookies issued by third parties

Cookies are likely to be issued and integrated by third-party applications on our website and in our services, or in advertising and editorial content inserted in our advertising space. These third parties may collect certain navigation information, without to be able to identify you: navigation information allowing them to adapt their advertising content to your profile (age, location, etc.).

You can choose to refuse the use of cookies on your device. In this case, neither Albalux SA nor our partners will be able to collect your Navigation information collected by cookies.

The issue and use of cookies by third parties are governed by their Privacy Policy. So we suggest you take knowledge of their regulations on this subject and we inform you on how you can set your choices in terms of Cookies.

F) Your choices regarding cookies

You can accept or refuse the registration of cookies on your device at any time, by following the URL links that we offer. provide or directly configure your Internet browser.

i) Audience measurement cookies and analytics cookies

Audience measurement cookies and analytics cookies can be integrated by companies on our website Yes you do not consent to our site and services registering cookies on your Internet browser to perform measurements audience, you have the option to click on these links or deactivation forms that will record on your Internet browser a cookie disabling cookies for audience measurement:

– Google Analytics :

ii) Cookies publicitaire s

We suggest you visit to find out which registered companies give you the ability to refuse or accept cookies used by these companies for the purpose of adapting the advertising content of your device to your Navigation Information:

This platform will not block the display of advertising content but technologies that allow the dissemination of targeted advertising on the websites you visit.

G) Your choice of cookies via your Internet browser

You can configure your Internet browser to accept or refuse the registration of cookies in your device. The refusal can be systematic or take into account only certain issuers of your choice.

i) Acceptance of cookies

In case your Internet browser is set to accept the recording of cookies in your device, the cookies embedded in the web pages you have viewed will be stored on your device.

ii) Refusal of cookies

As mentioned above you have the possibility to refuse punctually or systematically the recording of cookies via your browser Internet. However, we draw your attention to the fact that refusing the registration of technical cookies on your device is likely to degrade your experience on our website, see blocking the use of certain services that would require the use of these cookies. The company Albalux SA will not be held responsible for malfunctions related to the voluntary deactivation of cookies techniques from you.

iii) Make your choices regarding cookies via your Internet browser

To exercise your choice of cookies via your Internet browser, please read the information pages of these browsers who will explain what steps to follow:

– Internet Explorer :

– Safari :

– Chrome :

– Mozilla Firefox :

– Opera :

3) Data security

Albalux SA undertakes to take all necessary measures to ensure the security of the stored data and to make them inaccessible to unauthorized third parties.

The site is entirely subject to the protocol https: // which allows to secure the use of the website as well as all information that you can fill in.

A) Shelf life of your data

The data is stored in our database for a period of one year from your last commercial relationship with our website and are kept for a period of 10 years in order to meet the legal obligations in this area.

B) Data Processing Manager

The general manager of the website is responsible for all questions relating to the confidentiality and protection of your private data. To address your questions you can send by email to info [at] albaluxcredit [dot] lu

Employees of Albalux SA are required to respect confidentiality and all personal data to which they may have access.

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